Eric & Buddy

I was asked by Maine Woods Forever to compose a Theme for the Thoreau/Wabanaki Trail after Jenn Barton heard the Theme I wrote for the International Appalachian Trail.  At the time I was rather busy, and I didn’t know how much time I could put into it.  When Jenn asked how it was coming, I would say “great” in a joking way, knowing I wasn’t really thinking about it.  However, Jenn’s encouragement really started to sink in.  When I got some down time, I started working on a piece and, when I was finished, said “that’s the Thoreau/Wabanaki Trail Theme!”  I played it for my friend Erik Torbeck, and he came up with a mandolin part, to accompany my guitar.  At 3am we recorded this version which we both feel it is the most natural and fluid recording, one we tried to duplicate but couldn’t.  Hope you like it.   

Eric Horschak
Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail Theme ©2008