1853: Moosehead Lake to Chesuncook Lake Roundtrip. Named Mspame by the Indians (most likely a phonetic attempt at the Penobscot word for ‘lake’, which is mehkwasrpem), Moosehead Lake is the largest lake in New England. This is where Thoreau began his canoe expeditions in 1853 and 1857. In 1853, he took a steamer all the way from Greenville to the Northeast Carry, where he, George Thatcher, and Penobscot Guide Joe Attean then descended the West Branch of the Penobscot to Chesuncook Lake. They spent a night at the home of Ansel Smith, a man who made his living by lodging and feeding the lumberers. From Smith’s, Thoreau, Thatcher, and Attean turned around and retraced their steps, traveling back up the West Branch to Northeast Carry and caught the steamer back to Greenville.

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