“Wildness Within, Wildness Without”
Exploring Maine's Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail
Celebrating the wilderness spirit and recreational heritage of the North Woods of Maine.

Book Outline

• Foreword by Bill McKibben

Visions & Voices from the Trail:
Exhibit images interwoven with quotes

• Thoreau quotes edited by Michael Frederick of the Thoreau Society.
• Essay by Bridget Besaw on art and conservation activism
• Map of the trail and region by Michael Hermann
• Thoreau Trail essay by Tom Slayton
• History essay by Neil Rolde
• Conservation essay by Alan Hutchinson of the Forest Society of Maine
• Butch Phillips essay on North Woods tribal history and K100 trail tradition.
• Jennifer Barton essay on outdoor education.
• Garrett Connover essay on wilderness guiding and economic impact of nature-based tourism.

To Buy the Book "Wildness Within Wildness Without"

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